Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Tenth Dimension

One of the most special gifts I received during Gokulashtami (Krishna's Birthday) was an email forward that explored Ten Dimensions of this physical creation. Ten you may ask, because we know just three dimensions. But then if we were to ask a two dimensional creature, that creature would also insist that there were only two dimensions unable to visualize any further. So the reason we see everything as just three dimensions is because we are three dimensional creatures ourselves. Creations in lower dimensions will find it difficult to visualize creations of a higher dimension. Further creations of a lower dimension are usually a cross section of the next higher dimension.

The presentation in the link ( says the ten dimensions are as follows

0 - The Dot
1 - Length
2 - Breadth
3 - Height/Depth
4 - Time (our Life path across time from birth to death)
5 - All possible variations of Life paths taken by us over a time line (which is not linear)
6 - All possible variations of possible life paths of all creatures in this universe over time
7 - The Life path of this Universe from the Big Bang to its end
8 - All possible variations of all life paths of this universe over time
9 - Life paths of all universes
10 - All variations of all possible Timelines of all universes (and all creation contained therein)

The revelation was so sudden when the connection was made that I rushed to pick up the Gita where a verse kept going around my head over and over again. The Tenth Dimension was none other than the "Vishwa Roopa Darshan" that is described in the Mahabharatha and Bhagwat Purana.

Vishwam - All Creation (*Sanskrit)
Roopam - Appearance/Form
Darshan - View

The Vishwa Roopa Darshan which is the cosmic/celestial view of the Lord as witnessed by Arjuna is the view of how all creation appeared in the single form of the omnipresent. In other words, in that Vishwa Roopa Darshan, Arjuna saw all variations of all possible timelines of all universes and all creation contained therein. A three dimensional creature was blessed to see all creation from the perspective of the tenth dimension.

Fully excited, I went on to read exactly how Arjuna had gone on to describe what he saw.

evam etad yathatha
tvam atmanam parameswara
drastum icchami te rupam
aisvaram purushottama

Arjuna said "O Greatest of all personalities, though I see you in this physical manifestation, I want to see your real cosmic form". (*Physical Manifestation - Three dimensional form)

If you think I am able to see your cosmic form my Lord, please show me your universal self".

The Lord said "My dear Arjuna, behold now my opulence with hundreds of thousands of varied divine forms multicolored like the sea.

Whatever you wish to see can be seen in this form. This universal form can show you all that you now desire as well as what you may desire in the future. Everything is here completely". (*Dimension 5?)

But you cannot see me with your present eyes, so I will give you divine eyes to be able to see my mystic opulence.

Sanjaya said, "Saying this the Lord revealed his celestial form to Arjuna".

At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many many thousands. (*Dimensions 8 and 9?)

Arjuna said "My dear Lord Krishna, I see assembled together in your body all the demigods and celestial beings and various other living entities. I see Brahma on the Lotus Flower and Shiva and various sages and serpents. (*Various types of creation)

I see in your universal body many many forms, bellies, mouths, eyes expanding without limit. There is no end, there is no beginning and there is no middle to all this. (*Dimensions 6 and 7?)

Although you are one, I see you spread throughout the sky and the planets and all the space inbetween. Oh great one, as I see this Universal form I see that all the planetary systems are perplexed.

Oh all pervading lord, I can no longer maintain my equilibrium, seeing your radiant colors filling the sky and beholding this form, I am overwhelmed. (* If you were suddenly exposed to the vast stretches of deep space or the vast depths of the ocean or simply to the unknown without any preparation, we would all be overwhelmed)

To make the long story short Arjuna goes on to see life paths related to his current life and situation. He sees all the soldiers of both sides die in the war except for the Pandavas themselves who eventually became successful. Seeing that Arjuna had become overwhelmed, Krishna reverted to his human form.

Arjuna said "You are the only sanctuary of this cosmic world. You know everything and you are everything that is knowable. You are above the material modes. O limitless form, this entire cosmic manifestation is pervaded by you.

"In the past I have referenced you as "oh Krishna, oh Yadava, my friend" not knowing your real glory. Please forgive all my offenses I may have done in madness or in love. I have dishonoured you many times when relaxing or lying on the same bed or eating together, sometimes alone, sometimes in front of friends. Please pardon me for all my offences.

The Lord said "Oh best of Kuru Warriors, no one can see this celestial form by merely studying the vedas or performing sacrifices nor by charities or similar activities. Only by undivided devotion and performing each one's duties free from the contaminations of previous activities and mental speculation and having kindness too all living entities can I be understood as I am. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of my understanding.

Thus at a time when there were no telescopes and no scientific instruments and no space travel was written this ancient wisdom merely based on self exploration and communication with God.

(*Those Interested in the complete text of the celestial form may refer to the 11th Chapter of the Gita)