Thursday, June 02, 2011

Indian Rail on the iPhone

Welcome to Indian Rail

Thank you for your interest in this Indian Rail app. This app is given for free and is completely non-commercial and the only intention is to spread the word of Indian tourism and Indian railways and add convenience to travelers. It is intended as a voluntary service to India on its 63rd anniversary of Independence. The author receives no money and the app does not permit any financial transactions. This app is provided as-is and is for informational purposes only. To actually book tickets, please visit Please add any comments or suggestions below.


Version 1.81

Fixed an issue where all trains were not being displayed (such as Surat-Mumbai Central route). This now requires selecting a travel class. 

Improved Train tracking 
Fixed an issue related to train routes 
Internal code optimizations and bug fixing

Version 1.80

Dropped support for armv6 (iOS 4.2.1 and below) to be able to support armv7 and armv7s chipset

Track your train on a map
Train route with schedule and distance
View Tatkal (Emergency) fares
Bug fixes and enhancements


Map geolocation tracking and train route may not be available for all trains.

Version 1.63 

Fixed PNR not working
120 Days availability check
Other fixes and maintenance
Upgraded project to XCode 4

Version 1.62

Sorry for the downtime of the app. Indian Railways changed a few things on their end and the app had to be updated accordingly. I appreciate all the emails that requested the app to be back on. I am trying to negotiate with Indian Railways for them to adopt the app given that so many people find it useful and also to add the ticket booking and reservation feature. If any of you know a high powered Indian Railways Officer and/or Senior Politician or Member of Parliament, please do let me know so we can make this work the property of the people of India.

Version 1.61

Multi-Tasking Support
Fixed issues related to concession pricing
Various other bug fixes and maintenance

Version 1.6

Added Availability check based on quota
Added Price check based on concessions
Added link to Tatkal (Emergency Fare) information
Added link to support blog

Version 1.5

90 Days advance availability check
Passing Trains by Station with delay info
Train Tracking / Train Route with all stops
Days a train is run
60 second timeout for network requests
Minor user experience enhancements

Version 1.1

Indian Railways - Free and non-commercial app
Lookup stations and station codes
Find trains and schedules between stations
Find availability and ticket rates
Check Ticket (PNR Status)

Download the latest version here

Common requests

1. Ticket reservation - Written to Railway minister asking for permission. If anyone has contacts in IRCTC, please let me know.

2. iPad Version - Coming soon

3. Offline support - Please vote for this in your comments