Monday, August 08, 2005

An Aim in life

Drona was a renowned teacher of the 64 arts and he was trying to teach his students (who were princes) the art of archery. He arranged a wooden bird to be places on a branch on a tall tree and called out the Princes.

He asked them one by one to take aim at the wooden bird. The first one called was the eldest Yudishthira. Drona asked him what he saw when he was aiming. To this Yudishthira said he could see the bird, the tree, his brothers and Drona himself. Vexed with his reply Drona said that he will not be able to shoot down the target and called the next student.

This way all the students were disqualifies one by one till he called on Arjuna. When Arjuna took aim, Drona asked him what he saw. To this Arjuna said he only saw the bird. He did not see the Trees of his brothers or Drona.

Pleased with his answer, Drona persisted "If you see the bird, then describe it to me". To this Arjuna said "I see only the neck of bird, I do not see anything else".

Drona ordered "SHOOT". Arjuna released the arrow and it found its mark and the wooden bird fell down. He went on to become one of the great archers of all time.

We too can succeed in our life if we just have a clear goal of what we want out of life. Once we have that goal, let us focus on that goal alone and let nothing else ever distract us from the target we have set for ourselves. For those who have a target in mind, success is just a milestone.


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